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Autumn Canvas

Done! Again, lemme know if you want it at a specific size :o


Juhiky’s 2nd commission

Juhiky’s commission

In Progress

CandySweets-R, half/full x3 (3.5k received)

Half payment received


SachiMizora - R, half x1

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Something for a few of my frieeends? :D

From bottom to up:

xDavy,Faking/Fakings(I forget :|), Tofubird, Aobhe, TFOG, Jaysen, Purevil, Komawo, NixTrix, AkemiDenke, MadFishEx, oOSaOo, xXShankXD, Porsum, alimdia, TankUVryMuch, Risiske, Heiral, Sivchou

I don’t even know how some of them look anymore :|

This tumblr nub doesn't know how to reply

Work In Progress

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